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Santa Stitch - Diffuser & Keychain Matching Set

Santa Stitch - Diffuser & Keychain Matching Set

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If you have a Passion for Christmas, Than this matching ' Santa Stitch ' Diffuser & Keychain bundle is the perfect bunch for you!....or a special someone! These bundles are a great way to add the finishing touch to your personal spaces and create a great gift for those around you.  Each Diffuser and keyring is crafted with care, handmade, and packaged with love!

How to use: 

1. To use your diffuser, remove the wooden cap and then the plastic stopper. Screw the wooden cap back on, without stopper. Keeping the plastic stopper. 

2. Tip the bottle upside down until the oil starts to absorb into the beech wood. 1-2 sec. Be careful to not over saturate.

3. Holding the bottle upright, remove the wooden cap and place the plastic stopper back in and screw the wooden cap back on.

4. Repeat when needed to re-infuse fragrance. 

5. The beech wood cap is designed to absorb the oil to diffuse the fragrance.



Do not ingest or apply oil to skin. Do not wash diffuser using chemicals, detergents or by submerging in water.
We recommend using a soft tissue or polishing cloth to remove dirt and debris. Please keep diffuser upright to ensure no spillages or leakages occur. Diffusers should be removed from vehicles if they will be in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees celcius for long periods of time. Excessive heat can damage the diffuser. Diffuser liquid may absorb up past the beads into the cord.

*By purchasing this product you are agreeing that The Finer Touch will not be held accountable for improper usage or leakage once this product has been removed from its packaging*
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